Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekend Wows

Ever since I first realized that I was going to a place called school, I’ve begun to hate Mondays. It meant that I would be torn away from my bed, my toys, my friends and my mother only to be dressed in a neatly  ironed frock and sent away to a place where I met other unwilling kids my age. Tears came easy but rarely did they prove useful. I would wait for Fridays and used to feel as high as a kite on any given Friday morning – would get ready in record time since I knew I was beginning my return journey for the week!

 Life’s not changed much even though school is a distant memory now. What's worse, I still begin to get knots in my stomach Sunday evening onwards for some unknown reason! Weekends still mean a world to me. Little else can match the respite that these last two days of a week bring. Be it settling my cupboard and finding forgotten clothes or finishing off the thriller, which I just couldn’t find time for or watching a romcom happily tucked away in bed, or just catnapping – weekends are self-repair time. 

 As they say, it heals best when one’s not looking at it.

So here’s one’s for the weekend. Am sharing a recipe that is bound to go well with your favorite weekend sport this summer.

Aam Panna

You would need:

1 Raw mango – Pealed and steamed in a pressure cooker

Sugar – 2 spoons

Salt – Half a spoon

Some roasted Jeera powder (roasted and ground cumin)

2 Mint leaves – They make your glass look more glamorous and have excellent blood-purifying properties

3 Ice-cubes

Water / Soda, suit yourself.

How to make it:

Blend the boiled mango in a blender along with sugar and salt and then allow the pulp to cool for 10 minutes.

Take a tall glass and add ice-cubes.

Pour about 4 spoons of mango pulp and add water or soda and stir well.

Sprinkle some jeera powder and don’t forget to do up your glass  with those Mint leaves.

That sure helps beat the weekday worries!

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